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24th October 2019
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Fuud Expose : Secrets of Fashion Marketing

At Fuud we believe in full transparency in all aspects of our business so would like to take this opportunity to explain our reasons for only using female models in our collections and branding for the last 18 months.

Fuud has always been a unisex brand and proud of our true all round inclusivity.


At the end of 2017 we decided to hang up our festival boots and push the brand in an exciting new direction

Sportswear/leisurewear has always featured strongly in our aesthetic and style, and it had been a long time dream to launch a skiwear line.

After a chance meeting with an experienced brand owner in the ski industry, we were advised to target the women’s market as the men’s market was saturated. As a female and a keen sportswoman myself and with the recent growth in support for women in sports it seemed like an exciting new path to explore.


We decided to launch our first all women’s shoot with our two Fuud girls Sheri and Ellie, this brought a new dimension to the brand.

We also launched a new feature, ‘Superwoman of The Month’ which focused solely on the importance of strong female role models and their influence on Fuud.

(You can read more about these wonderful ladies in the blog if you haven’t already!)

It was really interesting researching statistics about female representation in sports marketing and advertising. For example, in many “top sporting commercials” lists, there were only 1, if any adverts about women in sport! Although compare that to a list from 2018 onwards and it is very different which is a massive improvement!

As much as it was a great time to be part of this movement and we felt proud to be championing women, something didn’t feel quite right. We have always championed equality and including everyone in Fuud’s ethos, not choosing just one.


To celebrate this we teamed up with long term friends of Fuud, Little Gay Brother to create this beautiful shoot with their amazing dancers Amy, Aaron and Sakeema shot by Justin Gardner.

2019 we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and the launch of our first completely organic collection.

Our main priorities right now are making clothes sustainably and using unique and pioneering design techniques to be worn by everyone!

Fuud has been on a long winding journey over the past decade and we have learnt a hell of a lot.  We are now really excited to be at the forefront of the new wave of of fashion that doesn’t destroy the environment, whilst pushing forward with our statement style and design. Stay tuned, we are just getting started!

Fuud x