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FUUD was started in 2009, in Bristol with the invention of our FUUDhood, a detached faux fur hood that can be worn as a hat or a scarf. Demand quickly grew for the product, selling online and in independent stores in the UK and Europe. It became our first big hit selling out at festivals and The ClotheS Show.


In the summer season FUUD became well known on the growing festival market, selling at many large festivals and creating a niche in outrageous costumes. For many years we ran a shop/venue/glitter bar called the BOO-Dior found at Glastonbury, Secret Garden party, Shambala to name a few. A wonderful mix of Bitch and Stitch Glitter alongside the eclectic Fuud shop and DJ’s playing wild parties in to the early hours. With punters dancing in the rails and on the tables!


We expanded the clothing range outside the festival scene, bringing a unique take of sportsluxe streetwear to the market. Bold geometric designs, colour block panelling, and a liberal use of metallics and sequins to create high voltage, statement fashion.


In 2017 we separated the costume side and launched STUME. Hand made, sustainably minded, outrageous costume for all. You can follow us at insta/stume_studio


In 2018 it was time for a change! The festival fashion scene was changing and we needed a new direction. At this time the extent of damage to the environment from the fashion industry was first really being publicised. It was no longer just about how clothes were made, but the entire chain back to the raw material.


We decided to break away from the festival scene, and in one big move we banned faux fur, sequins, feathers and PVC went in search of new organic sustainable fabrics. We definitely lost a huge part of our income in that first year but it felt GOOD. This started a new, exciting part of our journey……


In 2019 we launched our first, organic cotton, 99% plastic free, sustainable apparel : FUUD Reborn collection.


Sustainability has always been at our core of FUUD but with new education about the full impact of our clothes on the environment; where the raw materials are grown, how our fabrics are made, where our clothes end up at the end of the their life, where our fabric waste goes, the carbon footprint of each garment, and so much more. Our journey in to sustainability has become ever more important.


With that, it was time to get out of the city and head to the sea! In summer 2020 we moved to Margate, opened up our first shop and fell back in love with Upcycling!


We started upcycling in our our first few years of FUUD using vintage duvets for boiler suits and trousers at festivals and vintage knit jumpers for our hoods. These were our best sellers in the first few years of Fuud. Re-using and recycling has always been a big part of our brand. Whether it be upcycling fabrics or just not sending all our waste to landfill.


2022 Currently we have 3 Upcycled collections and one Organic Cotton collection. This year we aim to expand our upcycling further and we have big plans for the HUGE amount of scrap and remnant fabrics we have amassed.


Stay tuned for more authentic, orginal FUUD!  100% slowfashion, sustainable and CONSCIENTIOUS.

Check out the latest collection in our shop or email [email protected] for enquiries.