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Mission Statement

Fuud is on a mission…

After 9 years of trailblazing the UK festival scene and perfecting our unique style of statement streetwear, we are on a new adventure!

We’v been busy working on a new direction for Fuud launching in the Autumn. Get ready for Fuud base layers for skiers, boarders and outdoor sports

Sustainable fashion has always been at the core of Fuud and this year we are making some big changes in a move to go green.

We will no longer be using faux fur, PVC, feathers or sequins in any of our products. Check out the current sale on all faux fur products – we will be taking these offline in 2 months.

We have released a special limited edition collection of our current prints and the classic apparel designs. Numbers are very limited so don’t miss out.

Moving forward we will be focusing our attention on the problem of plastic microfibers coming out of our clothing in the wash, and will be using predominantly natural fabrics in our new lines, whilst sticking with our trademark bold design aesthetics.

We will be working on a 3 Year plan with the aim to be 100% polyester free and UK made by 2020.

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